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The Goal Next Door Podcast

May 17, 2021

Join us on TGND for a conversation with Rebecca Rausch, fearless founder and visionary leader of Neon Lizard Creative, an award-winning marketing agency which designs outstanding brand platforms for companies across the globe. Whether you are an entrepreneur, or are a leader within a business and want to, authentically connect with your ideal client, you’ll want to listen in as we discuss Rebecca’s HEART Principle, which helps guide companies of all sizes to perennial sales and marketing success. If you want your brand to communicate more than pretty words and pictures, deliver a meaningful message that resonates deeply with your clients, not just a service or product but an unforgettable EXPERIENCE that matters, turn it up! You'll find it all here on this episode of TGND.

Show Notes:

[00:02:00] How to approach marketing your product

[00:10:30] How to create ‘giddy customers’ for your company

[00:14:10] What the ‘heart principle’ is and how to apply this to your business

[00:21:36:32] how we can keep our business principle alive coming out of the pandemic

[00:35:15] What is a good time frame to see if a strategy is working or if it needs to be changed

[00:37:32] Looking at alternative ways to see analytics and assess the success of a strategy

[00:42:40] Professional Marketing advice for a business starting from zero


Instagram: @neonlizardcreative